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FRKG Victory 78J

#3958103    PB SM
Calved: 2021
Homozygous Black - Homozygous Polled
Owned By: Freking Cattle
& Bruhn Farms Joint Venture

HPF SVF Dew the Stroke

FRKG Victory 78J

SWSN Panarama 900G

WAGR Panarama 204Z


FRKG Victory 78J is the $210,000 high selling son of the now deceased MR CCF 20-20 that was a featured member of the 2022 OKC Cattlemen’s Congress Grand Champion Pen of Five Simmental Bulls.  Victory was selected by Al Bruhn and his family of Iowa with intentions to make sexed semen.  All that know Al are aware of the passion that he has for the cattle industry.  Although the cowherd has been dispersed at Bruhn Cattle Company, that certainly doesn’t imply that the love for the business left this family owned and operated outfit.  The Bruhn’s involvement will look a little different moving forward as they have retained their herd sire battery with intentions to continue to make sexed heifer semen in volume.  Previously this semen was used in herd, but now the whole industry will have access to sexed female semen on some of the hottest and most exciting bulls in the breed.  


Victory sets the standard in terms of what a beef bull should look like! Since day one Victory has been a standout in terms of performance, quality, and structural integrity. Victory is backed by a powerful two-year-old dam that is a full sister to the $400,000 Profit.  His maternal grandam, WAGR Panarama 204Z is one of the highest dollar generating females in the Simmental breed, and her influence will remain everlasting at Hartman Cattle Company. WAGR Panarama 204Z most recently produced, SWSN Panarama 51J, a $50,000 high seller in the 25th Customer Appreciation Female Sale. Victory is extra big footed, stout constructed, and durable in his basic build.  He has been admired for his rugged and masculine build that is complimented by his added length and extension.  Victory is a true athlete on the move, and we anticipate he will make a positive impact.  Two flush mate sisters were highlights in the 2021 Summer Gala where they sold for $30,000 and $29,000 respectively.  He is a homozygous black and homozygous polled Purebred that is sure to leave behind a sensational set of daughters to his name! 

WAGR Panarama 204Z.JPG
WAGR Panarama 204Z
Famous Maternal Granddam of
FRKG Victory 78J
2022 Cattlemens Congress Grand Champion Pen of Five Bulls.jpg
2022 Cattlemen’s Congress Grand Champion Pen of Five Purebred Simmental Bulls
 Victory was the Lead Bull
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