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VCL LKC Equity 608D

#3188692 PB SM
Calved: 2016
 Homozygous Black -  Homozygous Polled
BW: 77  WW: 862  YW: 1366
Owned By: 
The Equity Group 

WAGR Panorama 204Z

VCL LKC Equity 608D 

SVF Steel Force S701

BF Miss Crystal Tango 

LLSF Tango T194 

The wildly popular Profit son that sold for $70,000 in the 2017 Hartman Cattle Company Bull Sale and has become one of the most consistent and reliable sires by the now deceased Profit.  There is no denying the maternal strength that his pedigree boasts from top to bottom, as he combines the genetic influence of WAGR Panarama 204Z and BF Miss Crysteel Tango, two of the all-time highest generating females in the Simmental breed.  A maternal sister to Equity was selected as the 2022 AJSA National Classic 3rd Overall Owned Heifer for Morgan Jackson of Texas. Power in the blood!  

BF Miss Crystal Tango 
She's the dam of Equity 
2020 AJSA National Classic 5th Overall Purebred Simmental Heifer.png
2020 AJSA 5th Overall PB Simmental Heifer 
Full Sister to Equity

2022 NWSS Grand Champion Purebred Heifer - Paternal Sister to 4_B Dynamo.jpg
2022 NWSS Grand Champion Purebred Heifer
Maternal Sister to Equity
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