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FRKG New Fashion 75J

#3989454    PB SM
Calved: 2021
Heterozygous Black - Homozygous Polled
BW: 81  WW: 827  YW: 1343 
Owned By: Freking Cattle
& Bowling Cattle

DSFF Countess 357D

FRKG New Fashion 75J

HCC0 Countess 924G

Limestone Brylee 125B

FRKG New Fashion 75J is without a question the most intriguing son of the $200,000 EC Rebel 156F ever born!  It is certainly no fluke either, as New Fashion is the lone ET flushmate brother to the  record selling FRKG Countess 924J female that commanded $225,000 in the 2021 Hartman Cattle Company 25th Anniversary Female Sale and is now a member of the illustrious Simmental program at Herbster Angus Farms.  FRKG New Fashion 75J, was one of the featured lots in the 2022 Bull Sale where ½ semen interest commanded $160,000 to James Bowling of Indiana.  Semen has not been made available on New Fashion, as he was used exclusively in herd for during his rookie breeding season. The first progeny by New Fashion will be available at Hartman Cattle Company in 2023.

FRKG Countess 924J - $225,000 Daughter of EC Rebel 156F.jpg
FRKG Countess 924J  
Record-selling $225,000 flushmate sister to New Fashion - owned by
Herbster Angus Farms
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