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OMF Hard Right H21

#3790968    PB SM
Calved: 2020
Homozygous Black - Homozygous Polled
Owned By: CK Cattle Company, Bowling Cattle, &
Hartman Cattle Company 


WS All-Around Z35

OMF Epic E27

OMF Time Less B100


MCM Top Grade 018X

Hooks Angel 11A

Hooks Xponential 20X

OMF Hard Right H21.jpeg

OMF Hard Right H21 is the exciting young OUTCROSS herd sire for Hartman, CK Cattle, and Bowling that topped the Oak Meadow Farms Annual Production sale in 2021 at $60,000.  There is no doubt that the sire of Hard Right has made his mark on the breed.  OMF Epic E27 is one of the most heavily utilized Simmental sires from the ST Genetics line-up and continues to gain momentum with each calf crop.  OMF Hard Right H21 is a true outlier phenotypically that combines an elite number profile to compliment his added stoutness and eye appeal. 


Hard Right semen has NOT been available to the public since breeder packages were offered during the spring of 2021.   He charts among the top 10% for CE, top 35% BW, top 35% WW, top 30% YW, top 25% ADG, top 5% MCE, top 10% Stay, top 10% Marb, top 10% API, and top 15% TI.  Hard Right is backed by a stunning female that is one of the leading ladies in the donor pen at Oak Meadow Farms.  He combines two elite females in Hook’s Angel 11A and OMF Time Less B100.  You can count on the udder quality of the Hard Right daughters to be next level. 


Hard Right is one of the most unique herd sires ever used at Hartman Cattle Company when you consider the combination of phenotype, mating flexibility, carcass merit, and genomics that he brings to the equation! 

Hook's Angel 11A - Dam of OMF Hard Right H21.jpg
Hook’s Angel 11A
Donor Dam of OMF Hard Right H21
OMF HONESTY H48 - Maternal Sister to OMF Hard Right H21.jpg
OMF Honesty H48
$18,500 Maternal Sister to OMF Hard Right H21      
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