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CONLEY High Rise F3

#3700069  PB SM

Calved: 5-15-2018

Homozygous Black - Homozygous Polled

Owned By:

Conley Cattle Company

Hartman Cattle Company 

Schmidt Family, LLC



MCM Top Grade

PRS Lady Done Right W214

Conley High Rise F3

Conley Sheza Star F3

Conley Sheza Star Z32

Conley High Rise F3.JPG

Conley High Rise F3 is without a doubt one of the most consistent and highest quality calving ease options that we have ever used at Hartman Cattle Company.  This moderate framed, bold ribbed, easy fleshing son of the $400,000 TJ High Calibre 556B is backed by the foundation cow line at Conley Cattle, Conley Sheza Star Z32.  Conley High Rise F3 is a maternal sister to Conley Sheza Star F912, a female that was successfully shown by Madilyn Norvell of Oklahoma to countless victories.  Another maternal brother to High Rise is the $25,000 Loud & Heavy, the popular Remedy son that was selected by Volk Livestock of Nebraska.  Conley High Rise F3 is a tremendous option if you’re looking to breed heifers or create the next generation of brood cows for your operation.  Maternal excellence can be found here!










Conley Sheza Star F912 - Maternal Sister to Conley High Rise F3.JPG
Conley Sheza Star F91
Maternal sister to Conley High Rise F3
SWC Red Wave 376J
 $85,000 Son of Conley High Rise F3
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