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The Hartman Family, A Legacy of Champions 

The Makings of HCC 



Hartman Cattle Company has a much deeper history than is presented in the multifaceted Simmental operation seen today. 


Mike and Kay can credit their current status in the cattle industryto a strong agricultural upbringing. The foundation in the cattle business was set at an early age by their fathers; Fred Hartman (Mike’s Father) and Ted Aegerter (Kay’s father). Both families pushed their children to be active in 4-H, FFA, and multiple junior breed associations.


With commitment and dedication to their projects, Mike and Kay

were both successful throughout their junior careers, and this set into motion a life long passion for the cattle industry.


HCC has always been on the cutting edge of beef cattle production. In the mid 1970’s, Mike saw the need for new genetics in the U.S. cattle herd, which lead to the importation of some of the first Simmental, Maine Anjou, Limousin, Salers, and Chianina cattle from Europe.  Since then, HCC has been heavily involved in multiple breeds utilizing the show ring as the main avenue to market seedstock. Through the years, Mike and Kay have experienced great success; however, one of their most coveted achievements is establishing the Junior Incentive Program, which to date, has awarded over $130,000 to youth representing multiple breeds.


Today, Hartman Cattle Company focuses on producing high quality Simmental and Sim-Angus® genetics.  With years of old fashioned cattle knowledge in tandem with the newest technology available in the cattle industry, their goal is to produce females that work in the show ring and in the pasture as well as bulls that are accepted by the commercial cattleman.  The herd has expanded to over 300 head of cows with an AI and ET program that is centered around the exceptional HCC herd bull battery.


Dalton is following in his father’s footsteps as the next generation; currently, he is in charge of the day-to-day operations at Hartman Cattle Company. Our legacy and herd continue to thrive with Dalton's help along with the help of the past and present employees and friends of HCC. Without their dedication and help, none of our success would be possible. 


At HCC, dedication to our customers is the main goal; therefore we will continue to strive to produce the highest quality product for cattle producers across the nation and world-wide. 



Mike and Dalton Hartman 

Our Legacy Continues

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